I have raised the subject of Wealth from Waste for non crop biodiesel manufacture from waste with some appropriate concerns. [diagram attached]
Waste disposal can produce Carbon Dioxide, which can be converted to biodiesel via Algae.
Information on the Algae to Biofuel processes can be seen on http://www.algaefuelmaking.com/ and http://algaeatwork.com/. http://www.globalgreensolutionsinc.com/s/Home.asp are reporting a cost of $36/barrel for Biodiesel, at present, with the probability of this going lower. :UK office Global Green Solutions Ltd 5th Floor 9 Kingsway, London WC2B 6XF Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8123 9701

Anaerobic Digestion data is available from www.greenfinch.co.uk which has a plant at Ludlow operating on Food Waste. Any biodegradeable waste will do I think, so countries with lush vegetation should be able to make their own electricty and biodiesel from local non food biological raw materials. Plus any available waste from food production, eg straw, corn cobs. As the plants would also have heat as a byproduct, this could, via ammonia adsorption refigeration plants, be used to create cool condistions for food stores.