Thi si to promote the acceptance of a new concept in the Carbon World, a Currency Symbol for carbon .. a unit i.e. an ICU - International Carbon Unit is defined as the Carbon in 100ml of pure octane @ 20C. You can see it and shake it, not like gas.

I will leave others to provide the accurate conversion to Kg of Carbon Dioxide. It is between 4 and 5 per kilogram .. or about 45 per UK gallon of fuel.

It is the independant measure for all Carbon .. be it in fuel, electricity or embodied in products. It is the currency for (Personal) Carbon Trading Internationally. It readily will allow a level playing field when comparing different options to reduce carbon and comparisons of carbon use from entirely different areas .. such as the comparison of driving a car or driving a computer.

Indeed it was the inability of an educated person in the UN Association in the UK to realise the huge difference between these two dissimilar activities which led me to its creation in November 2006.

John B, an RSA Fellow and member of the RSA Council is responsible for the logo design.

Clearly this is something the UN needs to pick up and run with very quickly.

The concept was launched on the at All Energy 08 at Aberdeen last week, together with DEIS as a means of collecting environmental and energy data for commercial premises - displaying and storing the ICUs.

NOTE: That the currency symbol can be in the colours of a country's flag.

Dr A Nick Bell FRSA
Chief Scientist
World Alliance for Decentralized Energy