If Governments encourage spending to "attack" the present Economic Crisis, what should be bought ?
In my view something that directly produces an income for the purchaser, which is not dependent on anyone else having to obtain an income from elsewhere,
eg if I buy a car, I may provide income for many workers, but no wealth for myself - unless I run a taxi business - the workers and the car company's costs eventually feed back to three basic commodities, animal - food, vegetable - food and fuel and mineral - metals etc and fuel.
How much better if the "Stimulus Funds" were directly targeted at wealth creation from the three commodities, supporting agriculture, supporting biomass & food production, and supporting Sustainable Energy ?

The Economy could then start to be rebuilt on the Rock of Real Wealth, instead of on it's present foundations of the Sands of Finance.
The UK Government is forming a division to oversee all Green Purchasing, see http://www.publicserviceevents.co.uk/main/programme.asp?event_ID=80
Provided there is not a major infection of Governmentium this could be very positive, it could be linked with UK Local Authorities starting to generate/collect their own Sustainable Energy, to defray Council expenses by it's sale, as was a common practice before the 1948 nationalisation of all Local Authority energy facilities. There is nothing to my mind so "Green" as buying electricity from Hydropower, Solar Energy Collection or Wind ?