There are substantial gains to be made in the amount of energy that can be saved in the office landscape. Most Time Utilisation studies extended to typical businesses in Britain reveal that for an 8 hour day, each desk is occupied only around 40-45% of the time ! Apply that level of attendance to the 168 hours in a week, a desk ends up having someone sat at it for only 11% of the time! So for 89% of the time business is paying for it to be heated, lit, powered and serviced when there's no one working there!
The problem is that for years we have become so content with going into work, dropping anchor at the desk, switching our pc on and then waiting for business to come to us!
There is an answer and with careful planning and good communication the workplace can operate in a much more intelligent and of course economical way, bringing greater effectiveness as well as efficiency to the worker! Not everyone needs a desk with their name on it for 7 days a week! The latest government targets for CO2 emissions are easily achievable!

How much longer are Real Estate strategies going to carry on assuming that a desk belongs to everyone?