With the introduction of the Feed in Tariff back in April 2010, we have seen a significant increase in the number of MCS accredited installers – builders, electricians et al have all seen this as a potentially lucrative addition to their services. And why not? It all makes for a competitive market, which is good for the consumer. We have seen large reductions in the price of solar PV in less than a year!

However, since solar PV is one of the fastest growing industries, this makes it something of interest to major supermarkets, energy suppliers etc.

For example, two “heavyweights” in the market (Sainsbury and British Gas) have teamed up to offer installations of solar PV! Currently, you can get a 2.1kwp system installed for £10k…. Good value….

So, what will this do for the “local” guys?? Will we see a similar scenario that we see on the high street, where almost every independent outlet is closed or closing??

Can they compete with the “big boys”? How?

Or are we going to see an early demise for the smaller installers, before the industry has really taken off?

Will we see some less than ethical sales techniques?

Will this, ultimately, be good for the consumer?

Let’s discuss????