The words "Renewable energy" and "investment", have not traditionally been
linked together, positively?! But this is set to change:

I'm sure many people will have heard of the "Feed in tariff" (FIT)?Started on 1st April 2010 (no not an April Fools joke!), but who's heard of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)? Due to start April 2011?

These 2 schemes are set to take renewables from being a “niche” market for
very green, or wealthy people, to something that most people can do.


Under the government’s feed-in tariff project, households with a solar PV (for electricity) system could benefit from an annual reduction in electricity bills of £140 as well as an additional £900 in payments from the financial incentives scheme, the Department of Energy and Climate Change revealed.

Whilst it's still in it's "consultancy" stage, it looks to be even better! Solar thermal, for hot water could save the consumer up to £500 per annum! Whilst heat pumps should negate heating bills, and even provide a profit! For a well insulated property. Incidentally, there are still grants available, but be quick!

But, be aware! Installations of any of these technologies must be carried out by MCS accredited installers, otherwise you will not be entitled to these "payments"

So, My view, is that renewable energy is a sound financial investment!

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