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05 Oct 2009 05:10:33

Contraction and Convergence (C&C)

The Global Solution to Climate Change based on The Global Solution to Climate Change based on

Discussion Thread  

27 Aug 2010

After nearly getting C&C at COP-3 Kyoto in 1997: -

in 2003 the Executive of the UNFCCC said achieving the objective of the UNFCCC, “inevitably requires ‘Contraction and Convergence’ ”: - http://www.gci.org.uk/C&C_Janos_Pasztor_UNFCCC.pdf [slide 9]

Here are links to recent C&C related resources: -

[1] animation of sources and sinks behind the UK 'Climate Act' – Government shows 100% 'sink-efficiency' by 2050 and claims 50:50 odds for avoiding 2 degrees: -

[2] animation of C&C at COP-15 - this ends with suggested ‘alternatives’ to C&C: -

[3] C&C letter to Chris Huhne from Colin Challen plus around 250 eminent others: -http://www.gci.org.uk/politics.html

[4] Chris Huhne’s reply plus reactions: - http://www.gci.org.uk/Documents/Chris_Huhne_Letter_.pdf

Many of the people who signed Colin’s letter to Huhne have now written to Martin Rees calling for a C&C conference with the All Party Climate Change Group [APPCCG] and the Royal Society. Martin Rees has offered the RS as the venue and as a signatory to the letter has offered to speak at it, as have many others.

Chris Huhne supports C&C and the Liberal Democrats have it as a manifesto commitment and Colin has written inviting Chris Huhne to speak at the conference.

David Milliband's effort to establish C&C at COP-15 failed and this needs to be corrected offereing convergence accelerated relative to contraction see animation: -

For any who think C&C is either 'extreme' or 'not extreme enough' [a worsening split] see below [from the UNFCCC] what is now being demanded now by LDCs. The issue is can C&C moderate this worsening argument At COP-16/17?

6 August 2010 - UNFCCC

Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol http://unfccc.int/resource/docs/2010/awg13/eng/crp01.pdf

Thirteenth session - Bonn, 2–6 August 2010
Cumulative emissions and carbon budget

11. Some participants considered that the effective stabilization of global temperatures depended on cumulative global emissions and this link was well established by the science. The allocation of the carbon budget and related atmospheric space to achieve the 2 °C goal should be achieved following the principles of equity and historic responsibility.

12. These participants noted that in applying the equity principle, different indicators could be used, such as equal per capita cumulative share of emissions. In applying the principle of historic responsibility, consideration needed to be given to the cumulative emissions from some point in the past. Due consideration also needed to be given to the fact that the global carbon budget is limited, that developed countries have used a large share of this budget and that in the longer term this could create limitations for the further development of developing and, in particular, least developed countries. Moreover, according to some participants, if the concept of a carbon budget were applied, developed countries may have already exhausted their share of the global carbon budget. Other participants noted that there could be different approaches to historic responsibility, which were not solely linked to levels of Annex I emission reductions, but in the more encompassing principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities of the Convention.

Discussion Thread  


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