Recycled & FSC Paper
offers a wide rannge of Eco paper to aid you green your office including Recycled Paper, which uses less energy and creates fewer emissions than virgin paper; or through the use of FSC "Forest Stewardship Council" sourced paper.

Types of eco paper
There are different types of papers produced to be eco friendly.

This is when the end product has reached the consumer, been used and then recycled. You should try and choose the highest percentage possible,although any percentage of either post- or pre-consumer waste is better than none.

If you don't bleached recycled paper it undergoes fewer processes than other recycled or virgin fibre, and therefore uses fewer chemicals and less energy.

If you need to stick with virgin paper use an FSC certified stock, by having a chain of custody back to the forset you can se where the paper has come from. There are three types of FSC certification.

FSC Mixed Sources - FSC approved stock is mixed with recycled fibre, this must be at least 50% FSC content.
100% FSC - self explanatory
FSC Recycled - 100% post-consumer recycled paper by an FSC accredited mill.

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