The UK’s future competitiveness depends on how quickly we can establish a world-leading environmental industry with thousands of new business, hundreds of thousands of new jobs and huge export potential.

Those economies that gain early mover advantage by developing the green technologies that will guide the transition to a low carbon, resource efficiency economy, will soon be in a position to claim a share of what is already a $3 trillion global market place - and growing rapidly at over 5% a year.

Taking advantage of this new green economic opportunity is dependent on Government intervention - ahead of international competitors. First mover advantage rules. Without the right policy framework, business will not have the confidence to invest. EIC has lobbied harder than any other organisation for this policy framework.

In the area of climate change, the Government is starting to move in the right direction. We now have the Climate Change Act, which sets the world’s first legally binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the draft Low Carbon Industrial Strategy, which sets the “vision” for creating a new low carbon economy that’s driven by UK business. However, this will not be achieved through “vision” alone.

We urgently need industry support policies – such as long-term regulatory targets and coordinated policies on R&D funding, skills and training – in every sector of the economy, from manufacturing to house building.

The UK and EU Governments are starting to respond, with wide ranging policies emerging in, inter alia, the built environment, transport, energy efficiency and sustainable energy generation, carbon trading, water efficiency, products… The key question is how does UK business have to respond to ensure a profitable response to the new low carbon economy?

In association with the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, EIC is running the definitive conference for understanding future UK and EU climate change policy – and the risks and opportunities it will create.

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We are interested to hear what limiting factors people feel will prevent this progression, moving towards a sustainable, low carbon economy.