1. Experimental problems in the conventional theory.
T. Miyashita, J. Mater. Sci., 41, p.3183 (2006).
“Necessity of verification of leakage currents using Sm doped Ceria electrolytes in SOFCs”
2. Theoretical problems in the conventional theory (Bentham open)
“Theoretical Verification Necessity of Leakage Currents Using Sm Doped Ceria Electrolytes in SOFCs”

3. Alternative reasons for low OCV (Bentham open)
"Loss of Gibbs Energy Using Sm-Doped Ceria Electrolytes in SOFCs Considering Local Equilibrium while Ion Hopping"

4. Future technologies (Bentham open)
"The Industrial Necessity of Leakage Current Verification Using Sm Doped Ceria Electrolytes in SOFCs and Future Applications"

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