The Sustainable Energy Association made a successful presentation to the Sub Committee on Job Creation From Renewable Resources at the Dail in Dublin yesterday, 22nd July, and made a number of proposals which the Committee members said were practical.

In particular the members of the Committee, which included TDs and Senators, focused on the following issues:

Feed-in Tarriffs.
Expansion of Business Expansion Scheme to include buinesses reducing fuel imports
0% VAT rate plans.
Peak Oil

The TDs were (very) concerned that we were getting left behind the UK on the feed-in tarrifs and said that this is one area that has been raised several times by other presenters. We got the feeling that this would be done and our rates matched to the UK.

Comments on the expansion of the BES scheme; was no-brainer and should be done straight away.

The fact that we hammered home that a 0% VAT rate should ONLY apply for APPROVED installers and APPROVED products was something that had not been thought about and was welcomed. We got definitely got the message across.

Our graph on peak oil raised eyebrows, and there were a few intakes of breath, and we were asked a few questions on this area.

We were at pains to point out that the industry is down at the moment, we are all struggling, and we really need the grant support at the moment. We expect a dramatic turn around when oil prices start to rise above $100 a barrel.

If you would like a copy of our presentation and our written submission please contact