As a 'contributor' to my local FreeCycle, I have found the whole experience frustrating and full of, frankly, unnecessary political processes.

There are so many draconian rules and regulations that when you manage to compile a notification that you think is sensible for your target audience, you find yourself waiting hours to see the end result posted to a yahoo group....a completely inappropriate medium given the potentially time-expiring nature of the items on offer. Couple that with the groups complete disregard for data protection with donor e-mail addresses being advertised left right and center and the whole thing falls flat on its face. It is a ground breaking organisation, with a great idea... but like so many groups, stuck in the dark ages in relation to it's potential offering. There are changes afoot, or so I am lead to believe.... but several months on and I see no evidence of this.

So much is my frustration, that I have taken matters into my own hands being an IT orientated person. In a few short days I created an interactive website which I think addresses such short falls, and places the power where it should be. With the community. Sure, it probably has several areas that need addressing, a clearly defined set of rules / operating policies. But I am but one person, with little to no experience in this field.

So now I am appealing to those that might have an interest in this area to assist me and take an active role in this new era. I need impartial people, with whatever experience to oversee the running of a new website SquonkIt, located at - to assist in the building up of the rules and policies that do not become too obstructive to the concept. People willing to cast a glancing eye on a daily basis to weed out the things that break the rules, or irradicate inappropriate material. People willing to build the largest online re-cycling community since the dawn of FreeCycle. People willing to spread the word...! People who are willing to donate as little, or as much time as they are able.

I appreciate this is a long shot, but I have to start somewhere. As I said, I am but one person, trying to help make that difference. I need site administrators and content moderators, and of course a user base!

If you would like to see and learn more, in the first instance visit - and feel free to quiz me directly with any questions you have. If you want to get involved and help make this a success, then sign up and let me know in what capacity you are willing to help.