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Renewable Energy Technology

07 Sep 2008 11:09:35

New and Renewable Energy Blog

Renewable Energy Renewable Energy

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aussepom wrote:

03 Oct 2008



This a copy of a letter that when to 'the low carbon
economy' web site, I thought that you may be interested in this.

The wastewater treatment plan mentioned here has been proven
on a 'laboratory level' and is scaleable, this was done in 2001. Part of the
plant also has a 'Turbofilter' this design has also been proven on a full scale
prototype up to 34lts per second. However a second prototype has been developed
but not fully tested due to funding, this second one has been developed from
the testing results found in the first one. It was developed in a form of cross
flow action long before the reverse osmoses started using cross flow.

Out is potable quality water, idea for 'boiler feed water'
it has no mineral content, Hydrogen, and the solids reusable immediately. The
'Turbofilter' has the capability to desalinate.

The units under development for the 'boiler operation' and
'gas turbines' is hopefully to be finalized and tested later this year or early
next year, depending on funding.  


Brian Bayliss

Bayliss Controls



         It is quite
possible that the Chinese will all so be offered some more advantages, that is
if the western countries do not back the inventers that work 'outside the box',
such as a small project in Melbourne that would enable them to run there navy
on water from the sea, that is they use gas turbines for there drives and

There Power stations that will run on water from the waste
treatment plants. No coal, and no oil for there ships required, and No
pollution. There aircraft run on water, the nuclear subs, modified so that the
reactors do not require any uranium to run them. There even is a possibility
that an under water 'jet engine' that would work up to a depth 350ft, and
better still the same design will work in air and space. This is no a dream or prank and does not technically break any rules

Impossible you say, no it will no be if they invest in the
technology under development here in Australia.
That Australia,
do not seem to be interested in. I may well be offered to them.

There would then be no need for this CO development.

As an example

A Sulzer boiler as at the Loyang Power in Australia,
a 500MW electrical output.

If fitted with 52 of these units at a cost of  $A52,000, and would use 5.6MW of power would
run the plant. However this is the worst case plans are to recycle 80% or even
all of the 'heated air'

As so less units would be required.

The water input 'as the fuel' from a special waste treatment
process or potable quality water can be used. Would be 8M litres per day plus
any make up water for the 'boiler feed' water.

The proto type unit is hopefully to be completed and tested
later this year or early next year.

These units will have many uses, so there would be no need
for 'coal fired boilers', I am hoping to contact Sulzer to offer a modification
with there help. They would be able to be fitted to any boiler, and 'gas
turbine' engines that have been modified to run on hydrogen gas. Even the
LM2500 that is fitted to many marine ships.  



Discussion Thread  


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