Wow, what an interesting company is. You may or may not know them but they are a 100+ year old German engineering company that specialises in taps and showers, and don't they do them well!

When do you suppose the first shower head to use 50% less water came to market? 5 years ago? Maybe 10? How about 1987! A factory that uses a roof-mounted solar power plant for its energy? 1994! How about the first stainless steel mixer to get an environmental award? 1997! The guys at enthuse majestically about their products and their company, and they have every right to do so - installing eco-friendly products like theirs in hotels etc actually enable a business to reclaim an element of taxation using Enhanced Capital Allowances, and the savings can be dramatic too! They're also available in retail stores...I recently fitted one of their shower-heads in my Mum's house and she'll now use 50% less water than she did, with only a slightly noticeable difference in power...all very clever stuff when you consider that common estimates suggest that in the home 25% of carbon emissions come from heating water!

Next time you stay away in a hotel check out the taps and the shower, if it's a Hansgrohe you can relax knowing that you're helping with water conservation, reducing carbon emissions and supporting a company with ALL the right values!