Dear Sustainable Energy Colleague,

Here at the Micropower Council, we have been working hard to maintain the pressure on Government to make an early announcement confirming introduction of the RHI as consulted on earlier this year. The Council has written to all those sitting in the House of Commons and the House of Lords on this issue and, at the beginning of June, we circulated a letter for members and colleagues to complete and send to their local MPs, emphasising the importance of an RHI announcement in terms of ‘green job’ creation in their constituencies. The Council would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have supported this campaign and to urge those of you with an interest in renewable heat who have not yet written to your local MPs to do so. The letter template is attached to this e-mail – please remember to fill in the blanks!

Progress has been excellent with 101 MPs having already signed our Early Day Motion (No 143) in support on an early Government announcement on the RHI, following our coordinated letter writing campaign – it is encouraging to note that this EDM has gathered support much more quickly than would usually be expected, given that it was only tabled on 3rd June. You can keep up to date on progress by following this link:
We were also very pleased to note that Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, gave a number of assurances during yesterday’s Energy Efficiency debate in the Commons of the Government’s intention to support renewable heat. When questioned on the potential abandonment of the RHI Greg Barker responded: ‘I can assure the right hon. Gentleman that we are committed to an ambitious renewable heat agenda’. Greg also mentioned the challenging renewable energy target that must be achieved and, when discussing the strategy for reaching it, stated ‘renewable heat will be a key part of it.’
However it would be wrong to think that we could rest on our laurels at this point. The Council will be continuing to monitor the situation closely and push for timely introduction and maintenance of sufficient levels of support for micro-scale renewable heat technologies to stimulate mass uptake.

In an attempt to further emphasise our point, we would like to perform some industry based research so that we can evidence the impact the proposed RHI has had on the commercial sector and the implications of this prolonged uncertainty. To this end, it would be extremely helpful if you would respond to this e-mail with any answers you are able to provide to the following questions:

1) During the last 12 months, how many jobs have been created in your organisation as a result of the proposed RHI scheme?
2) If the RHI scheme is introduced as initially planned, how many jobs would this create within your organisation during the next 12 months?
3) During the last 12 months, how much investment has your company made on the principle of a RHI scheme beginning in 2011?
4) Should the RHI scheme be introduced as initially planned, what is your anticipated level of investment in renewable heating over the next 12 months?

Please be assured that any information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential. It will be used to produce statistics reflecting the industry generally and details provided by individual organisations will not be disclosed.

With many thanks for your continued support,


osted on behalf of Grace Bennett
Policy & Communications Manager
Micropower Council
by Paul Griffin of The Low Carbon Economy Ltd