I have recently added a green roof to my shed. Please check out the , or scroll down to the bottom of the page it should be in the picture section.

Green roofs have numerous benefits these include:

• They compensate for the loss of vegetation caused by building a structure on land that would otherwise be for wildlife, so increasing the green "corridor" for insects etc (or more concisely, increases wildlife habitat)
• The vegetation's photosynthesis means co2 is absorbed from the air (therefore acting as a carbon sink)
• Transpiration of this extra vegetation causes surrounding temperatures to lower therefore counters the urban heat island effect in a city (Urban heat island is created by the huge expanses of tarmac and concrete that exist in cities raising the temp to at least 2 degrees above surrounding area. Also less wind convection caused by tall buildings, so not so much cooling effect of wind. Plus waste heat from use of air conditioners in buildings, cars, etc (don’t get me started!)
• filter out pollutants in the air from getting into the storm drains
• Reduces run off of storm water
• insulates building from temperature changes thereby reducing energy costs/usage for heating and cooling interior
• prolongs life of your roof!
• is pretty!

There are lots of places you can put green roofs in cities, towns and even the country side (make it even greener). I live in central London so if I manage to create one everyone should be able to. Imagine if all flat roofs in London were green roofs, there would also be less flooding on the underground!

Happy green roofing...