Once a building has been constructed and placed in operation, there are fewer options for increasing its thermal envelope (e.g. insulation). This is due to traditional building standards and for older historical buildings which may have been built with solid block walls providing no room for traditional insulation. Our climate and previously affordable electricity costs also played a huge role in the lack to insulate as standard building procedures.

Now as the economical pressure applying strain on our financials, various ways to safe costs, especially in the energy saving arena has come to the forefront. A major segment in our market, electricity costs, is very much the focus and ways to reduce the energy demands to heat or cool structures/buildings/houses are under review.

The has found a way to solve a big percentage of this problem, and SAVE MONEY in the process, without the traditional method of adding insulation to these types of buildings. It would be a costly process of opening up walls or adding secondary walls (thus losing square footage) in order to accommodate traditional forms of insulation. This requires extensive and costly installation time and money.

Thermilate thermal insulation coatings and paints, incorporating NanoCNB technologies as been developed in the NASA space shuttle program, will solve this costly and time consuming problem. Because the insulation technology is delivered in a thin film coating form, it is easy to apply over roofs, floors, walls (internal & external) and ceilings in existing buildings as well as over solid block/concrete/metal walls.

Thermilate Thermal Insulating coatings and paints makes for an easier and much more cost effective strategy for increasing energy efficiency of buildings and or structures by reducing the energy demand to heat or cool buildings / houses / structures.

Get the benefits of Thermilate Insulations when painting buildings and or structures at similar costs to quality paints or coatings.