The recent new CERT targets and the current DECC consultation paper both highlight the importance of insulation on solid wall properties.

According to Energy Saving Trust figures the average semi will save 2.6 tonnes of CO2 per year and £450 in reduced bills if external wall insulation was fitted. They go on to say that for every square meter of external insulation we save around a tonne of CO2 over the life expectancy of the systems used.

These savings far outweigh those achieved by cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, solar panels and wind turbines. Incredibly though, External wall insulation for able to pay homeowners attracts no grants unlike every one of the above less efficient measures !!

For the fuel poor population on benefits in social housing there are a minute number of grants available but at such a low level ie a third of solar water heating for example that people are still unable to afford the insulation.

Considering that by 2015 almost all cavity walls will be filled it will be incredibly difficult to meet our CERT obligations unless grants for external insulation are made available and on a scale at least equal to solar or turbine subsidies.

We passionately believe that the UK authorities should be following the lead set by Ireland in giving out grants to insulate outside walls in oredr to both cut emissions and reduce the ever increasing heating bills we face now and in the future.