I would like to introduce you to an energy efficient technology that has been overlooked for many years. This technology is called /i]and it is perhaps the best kept secret in the lighting industry. Induction Lighting operates on about a quarter to a half of the required electricity when compared to Mercury Vapor, High Pressure Sodium, and Metal Halide bulbs which are largely used in outdoor and industrial applications. The maintenance of this technology is also a great consideration. The light consumes only a minimal amount of electricity, and it’s virtually maintenance free. We’re so convinced of the efficiency of this product that we provide a solid three year warranty with each unit, although these lights will last for at least 60,000 hours of maintenance free operation. These factors alone could save businesses millions of dollars per year in electricity bills and reduced personnel costs.

In these changing economic times, we can no longer stand idly by and watch as people poison the very planet we depend on to support our way of life by using very inefficient lighting with pollutant levels that far exceed those of some motor vehicles currently on the road today. Point in case; our lights have been proven to reduce the overall carbon foot print in a very big way. When you replace a conventional light fixture with one of our Induction lights, you can compare it to the equivalent of taking one car off the road for approx. fourteen months.

If you're looking for a entry point into the Green Environment, look no further. It's just a matter of time before will be the "buzz word" with fellow Greenies..

If you want to be ahead of the curve, I highly encourage you to contact us Today for additional info on this soon to be, in high demand product!

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