At only 1Watt per meter you can now enhance your exhibition stand simply but effectively with Light Tape® and still be Low Carbon. Clean lines and modern effects can be easily produced to create any design from the minimalistic (shown) to the more adventurous super space age effect. Whichever way you choose to go the effect will always make your stand STAND OUT from the crowd. Stand lit with 1” wide Green Light Tape®.

Light Tape®
Light Tape® uses less than one twentieth of the power and is half the price of Neon and Cold Cathode display lighting, it is flexible, easier to install and maintain, reduces light pollution, produces no waste heat or infrared light, is fully recyclable, uses No Gas, No Glass and No Mercury.
Light Tape® is the longest and brightest electroluminescent lamp in the world. It can be supplied in a range of colours and widths, in lengths up to 100m. Driven by specially devised power supplies, it can be used in flashing or steady state modes in indoor or outdoor applications. The design is safe with no mercury, no glass to break or gas to escape and it’s highly energy efficient too. In application, it is easy to install, requiring virtually no maintenance compared to alternative lighting technologies.
Light Tape® is being used in both the Korean and Brazilian Subway systems as Emergency Egress Escape lighting it is also being used around the world in Safety Garments and is presently on test illuminating level crossing barriers.
“Light Tape® was found to be more visible in smoke than LEDS after a smoke test performed by the San Paolo Fire Department. The Fire Commission found Light Tape® to be clearly visible and provided enough illumination to navigate in emergencies. Brazilian Subway, San Paolo”
A NASA study for the Air Force on Electroluminescent Lighting showed the technology was easily visible from distances over five miles away. Notably Light Tape® light penetrates fog, smoke, snow, haze and other normally poor visibility conditions.
What is Light Tape®?
Light Tape® is made up of metal ribbon coated in Sylvania phosphor and encapsulated in a Honeywell laminate. Light Tape® has no glass, no gas, and no mercury/heavy metals and so is user and environment friendly. Light Tape® provides an 85% - 90% energy saving against other commercially available light sources such as Neon and Cold Cathode and due to its thinness (just 0.5mm thick, as thin as a business card) and being lightweight, affords inherent flexibility of use providing a neater, modern, space saving alterative that is easy to install with little to no maintenance and has a long working life. For further information go to:
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