I live in a converted C18th watermill in south of France and want to make my home as energy efficient as possible.
I am about undertake some conversion/renovation work and want to combine that with the energy efficiency work.
Currently the house is considerably energy inefficient.
The stone walls act like a storage heaterin summer and attract the cold in the winter.
The house lacks roof insulation and some of the windows are ill-fitting.
It is heated by an oil-fired central heating system with a new Die Detrich boiler but old radiators. Water is heated via the electric mains.
I spend about 1200 euros a year on heating oil and about the same on mains electricity.
I have built a log fire in one lounge and am about to install a log burning stove in the other.
We have a large area of land (about 1 acre) adjacent to the house where I am hoping to set up 12KW PV solar power system and sell electricity to EDF at 59c per Kwh. The retail cost of EDF electricity is about 10c to buy.
I need to know more about the types of PV systems I could use (thin film?), what sort of inverter and how much it would cost to install.
I'm also interested in trying to heat my house using ground source heat pump rather than heating oil.
Any information gratefully received
Best regards