i`am looking for some debte on qustion 64, on feeding tariffs, all pioneers are to be about excluded, from goverment plans, myself personnaly i`ve never claimed any rocks, have a mega system on my littile bungalow,thats solar pv, in the fight for this i exposed myself lost my beautiful meter that went backwards , never been about money i just used the grid as my battery called it back when i needed it, however in my quest for question 64 my meter has been removed, 2000 units wiped out, my winter store, the thing is if my neighbour now puts a similar system in his property now becomes more of vaule than mine, and all exishting pv genarators,, will be in the same situation and its all very quiet, these people were the pionerrs of renaewable energy, as your the low carbon i`d be intrested in your response