The more furniture we procure from re-afforested sustainable sources, the more trees will be planted to meet that demand and the more CO2 will be absorbed - a simple green solution to reducing your carbon footprint. Sustainability should be more than a concept and standard business practice for all production of both in indoor and outdoor furniture. If you use wood the sustainable reasons for doing so are compelling, it should last at least as long as it takes the tree to reach harvestable size again.

Combining a sustainable furniture cycle with traditional, ergonomically and aesthetically designed products that give solidity and strength, this just enhances the already compelling necessity to use wood. Furniture of this type It is quite simply the best sustainable buy financially, even before factoring in the environmental cost advantages. Wood is environmentally superior to all other manufactured material substitutes such as aluminium, steel or plastic. Defra announced a timber procurement policy, committing central government departments in England to only buy legally sourced timber, and actively seek to buy sustainable timber - this is great - but we should all be committed to an environmentally friendly timber procurement policy when we purchase our furniture.

There has been an increase in sales from the NHS, schools, colleges, wildlife trusts, community organisations - so at last the message is getting through in some quarters. Many purchasers of outdoor furniture seek Swedish Redwood and Douglas Fir products the latter of which can is be manufactured from British grown timber and processed in the most environmentally friendly methods available. All the To assist with traceability logs should be sourced from FSC certified woodlands and are processed locally. For finishing, the products can be treated with wood preservative, under controlled conditions by vacuum pressure technology using the latest environmentally safe "Tanalith E". This allows a natural colour aging process to take hold on the wood, for a new look to be maintained sealer can be applied.