8% of Britain's greenhouse emissions stem from meat & dairy
18% of Global emissions come from livestock
70% of the rainforest cleared in Brazil is for cattle pastures
There are 60 billion farm animals worldwide
It is more about cows burping than passing wind!
22% of human methane emissions come from domestic livestock
Methane emissions have almost trebled since the beginning of last century

According to the vegan society:
"Studies conducted in The Netherlands suggest that, inefficient as it is, beef production is less of a waste of fossil fuels than some other types of meat production. Brand & Melman calculate that 1kg of beef requires a fossil energy input of 15.5 Megajoules (MJ), poultry meat 18.1 MJ/kg, pork 18.9 MJ/kg, and veal production a massive 46.8 MJ/kg

The vast majority of this energy is used in producing, transporting and processing feed. Little wonder, then, that the WorldWatch Institute has stated that "American feed (for livestock) takes so much energy to grow that it might as well be a petroleum byproduct." "

Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC Chairman, recently suggested we cut our meat-eating consumption by half. Considering the vats quantities of meat we eat (some would say this is on a glutinous scale), is this a realistic and sensible idea?

Considering the amount of dairy produce we consume, should we also be cutting down on our milk, cheese, chocolate....consumption?