The aviation industry receives a lot attention in the media about its effects on climate change.

Is this attention proportionate to its effects?
Are there other industries where this attention and effort would be better spent?
What can be done to cut emissions?

According to the IPCC aviation accounts for 3.5% of total emissions, the shipping industry accounts for 4.5% and the cement industry for 5%.
Aircraft release more then 600 million tonnes of CO2 per year
Aviation generates nearly as much CO2 as that from all of African human activities
It is expected that aviation travel will continue to grow significantly
Aircraft release most of their harmful emissions in take off
At higher altitude the emissions have a greater effect
Aircraft travel is largely consumer driven and therefore raising the price of travel and encouraging sustainable local vacations is an easier way to cut emissions than tackling other industries
Research undertaken for the ‘Right Price for Air Travel’ campaign reveals that the European aviation sector receives about £30 billion of subsidies annually, both directly through payments for expansions and surface access and indirectly through exemptions on aviation fuel tax and VAT.
Currently airlines pay no duty or VAT on aviation fuel, no VAT on airline tickets and no VAT on new aircraft. Duty free sales, a tax payer subsidy, also provide up to 50% of airport revenue although all EU flights are now exempt from duty free sales.
In the UK airlines would have to pay at least £5 billion a year if they were taxed at the same rate as motorists. This amounts to more than £200 per household in the UK. Effectively we all subsidise the aviation industry to pollute regardless of whether we fly or not.