We have entered a time in human history that is requiring a level of personal responsibility for the environment that most of us are ill prepared for. The issues that we face as a global civilization are enormous. From climate change and weather related disasters to the soaring price of energy and the impact on the world economy, we are faced with a challenge that we must meet together.

All of us are in this together and we cannot wait for the government, the market and technology to us. The change is no longer on it's way, it is here and each of us as individuals has to assume our part of the responsibility for making this change.

Most everyone I know wants to do something but is overwhelmed and has now idea where to begin. Low Carbon Home is about picking where to begin. It is about individual ideas that you can implement in your life and lifestyle that make a real difference. It is about educating yourself for making a successful transition to a post carbon economy.

There are a lot of committed and passionate people who are at work on the environment and the time has come for us to share our passion so that other people can know the issues and know what they can and do.