I can't see any button or link which will enable me to reply to Marion's point about 'feeding tariffs' (I assume she means 'feed-in') so I'll have to start my own thread - apologies.

Having read some of the responses to the Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme proposed by the Government, I notice that You Gen (which brings together people interested in renewables) points out that the plans are not very helpful to those who went in for small-scale microgeneration at an early stage: some of them will be worse off. They will get just 9p per kWh whatever size installation compared with a maximum rate of 36.5p for new small solar PV installations. Also, many would say that the level of payment has been set too low.

No doubt time will tell whether the scheme leads to increased uptake in solar energy. In the meantime, companies such as SolarUK are already finding that homeowners are seeing solar hot water systems as well as PVs looking more cost effective than ever before due to rising gas and electricity prices (bills look set to consistently go upwards in an unstable global market).