We all heard the news about how Russia halted gas supplies to Ukraine over a price dispute, and I’m sure you were as shocked as me to also learn that this dispute actually affected the supply of 80% of the gas distributed into Europe including the UK. How scary is that? When you think about it we are being held to ransom, pay us what we want or the ‘tap’ gets turned off! Although the UK is self-sufficient is gas supply, we already import from Europe to meet the high winter demand. By 2010, it is estimated the UK will be 50% dependent of imported gas, rising to 80% by 2020. The shift from domestic gas surplus to import dependency may leave the UK more vulnerable to supply interruptions and gas price fluctuations; we have just seen early signs of this with the recent gas price increases.

Why is electricity the future? Simple, we can manufacture it. Wind, solar and nuclear are already being widely used. Wind and solar technologies have advanced rapidly opening the market for the normal domestic household to produce their own power.

Why is electric heating the future? If anything for the reasons mentioned above, however technology in the electric heating market has also improved. The introduction of domestic internal infrared heating is revolutionising the heating market, offering incredible heat at a fraction of the running cost. The amount of power used by these systems is tiny compared to that of storage or convection heaters i.e. convection 2000w (2kw) and infrared 570w (0.57kw) so immediate savings and reduction in carbon emissions can be found; and with such little power consumption it won’t be long before the above mentioned domestic wind and solar generation will be able to offer ‘free’ heat to the normal domestic user.