Generating power from the burning of coal is the single biggest source of carbon dioxide both for this country and the world. Having accepted that human activity and climate change are related, you would imagine that governments would be looking at the big causes and fixing them. Such as changing power generation from coal to renewable sources like wind, tide and solar. But that would be too simple. Instead the government is about to spend BILLIONS of pounds of our money on developing technology to capture and store the carbon dioxide produced when using coal for power generation, which they will be ready by 2020. The latest readings of ice cover of the Arctic show that the ice is melting much faster than even the worse case scenario forecast by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and is now on track to be ice free 80 years ahead of the IPCC prediction - have a look at the chart on page 7 of .
Given that the IPCC predictions for future temperatures already take us outside of the range humans have ever experienced, it is prudent that we start to cut greenhouse gases now. Risking billions of pounds on a technology that might be available for use after 2020 is also risking that we might not be able to cut our emissions sufficiently to make a difference. I do not believe that is a risk we should accept under any circumstance.
The Department of Energy and Climate Change are consulting on the development of CCS until September 9th. If you agree that the risk of depending on the effective development of the technology is too great, please write to Faye Williams and tell her so. You might also like to suggest that the money be re-directed to developing renewable energy. You can email her at
If you do nothing else on climate change, please do this; it is probably the biggest impact you can have on this vital issue.