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Heather@multiheat - Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd

31 Oct 2011 01:10:14

How energy efficient is your home?

How energy efficient is your home? Many of us are wasting energy and that costs money. Around half of heat lost in a typical home is through the walls and loft. Topping up the depth of loft insulation or new lagging on tanks and pipes is a simple task we can all achieve, However, cavity or solid wall insulation will be more costly and create upheaval but will ultimately be worth it. Cavity or solid wall insulation is a very effective barrier to preventing wasted energy, keeping warmth in your home where you need it. Better all round insulation will make your home more energy efficient. Our heating panels will work more efficiently too if your home retains the warmth, panels are fitted with temperature safety controls which enable the panel to switch itself on and off to maintain a constant temperature and prevent over heating. Panels can draw to as low as 30% of the time.

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22 Nov 2010

Could you let me know the cost of small infrared panel heaters

11 Jul 2011

A small infrared panel will heat an area of about 7 square metres, so maybe the bathroom, and costs £234 this panel is only 350 watts and once it has reached optimum temperature will cut in and out to maintain temperature so drawing far less power. If you were to compare this to a small 2 kilowatt fan heater, which we all know are terribly expensive to run, the energy saving costs are fantastic, and although the infrared heater costs more to initially purchase will have paid for itself in a year through the amount saved each month on heating bills!

26 Jan 2016

Energy efficiency is a very important topic Heather, and is far too often overlooked. Not only will having an energy efficient home save you money on heating, and allow your appliances to work to an optimum level, but it is also vital for anyone considering solar panels. With the UK government's Feed-in Tariff scheme, you must have an energy efficient house, with an EPC rating of D or higher to qualify for the higher bracket payments.

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