As simple as wallpaper to apply, SEMPATAP THERMAL provides warmer living conditions within the home, helps minimise heat loss through cold walls and dramatically reduces the incidence of condensation. See application sequence (1).

SEMPATAP THERMAL is quick and easy to put up with hardly any mess and can be decorated with virtually any finish - emulsion, wallpaper - it can even be tiled.

The energy savings using SEMPATAP THERMAL are dramatic and can be used on all types of homes – flats, houses, bungalows and mobile homes. It can also be applied on a DIY basis. SEMPATAP THERMAL has been the subject of three E.S.T. Innovation Programmes, which independently demonstrate the product’s effectiveness. SEMPATAP THERMAL can not only be used for insulating solid walls, it can also be used for ceilings – flat concrete ceilings, mansard roofs and dormer ceilings. See application sequence (2).

SEMPATAP THERMAL is the easy to use, economical solution for reducing CO2 emissions and lowering heat loss. It makes the property more energy efficient and immediately provides a warmer and more comfortable environment whilst helping to protect against Global Warming.