Infrared Heating Explained

This is how Infrared heating works

Infra red heating works because feeling warm or cold does not have to depend on the temperature of the surrounding air - something traditional convection-based heating relies upon.

An example from nature proves it: Skiers and mountain climbers do not freeze even if they are in extremely cold air.

The reason - they are bathed by infrared rays from the sun. The sun, with a surface temperature of 5875 degrees K, achieves a potential of 1,37 kW/m2; (solar constant). Without the sun, there would be no life!. We experience the heat of the sun directly on our skin and by rays reflected by the environment (snow, stones, earth etc.).

When infrared waves touch a surface, energy is released in the form of heat, irrespective of the surrounding air temperature. This explains why people on a winter sports holiday are able to enjoy a pleasant sunbath at low outside temperatures without feeling the cold.