It is now feasible that a complete housing development could be made with a locally sourced and renewable super insulation, farmed fibre. The designs and styles can be made to look as 'traditional' or as 'modern' as one wished. The supply chain is understood and the expertise available to supply the building contractor a site friendly material that they can handle just like anything else to produce superior code homes. The ability for this home grown material to save carbon consumption over the whole of its life is scientifically researched and highly desirable by the construction sector and country as a whole. Technically it has passed its fire rating and other industry accreditations so it can satisfy the most conservative of banks and the insurers that not only is it fit for purpose it is good enough to enable a normal 25 year mortgage to be raised without anyone batting an eyelid.
So owners get a stylish, highly energy efficient, comfortable and healthy home, contractors get a more sustainable construction material that if purchased on the same scale as bricks could be as competitively priced, communities get a great looking development that they have a sense of pride in knowing that it is doing its bit to reduce the communities dependency on global resources. Sounds like common sense, so why are we not doing this?
Would you buy one? if not why not? What do you need to be persuaded that this was a great investment?