Do you even know which organisation you are using to offset when you do? Or even what the offsetting is going towards?

I suspect that one of the hurdles offsetting faces, other than overcoming the plethora of bad press it received when first introduced, is that so few people know what the offsetting is actually achieving. I'll be honest, I've offset the few flights I've taken in the recent years without any consideration of a) who is running the scheme & b) what the scheme funds. I've just ticked the box & paid the fee.

Perhaps its time for some more transparency when it comes to offsetting and for more brand awareness. We should all question who? & what?. Even better we should be given a choice when offsetting our flights, or otherwise.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts regarding which schemes you feel work best, and what you would like carbon offsetting to go towards. Also what other activities do you offset?