Would you use a telepresence service rather than flying to business meetings? If the service was provided by your current preferred airline?

With recent research ( http://tinyurl.com/o85md7 ) showing that over 35% of American business flights could be substituted for by usage of telepresence, & Gartner predicting that ‘2.1 million airline seats per year by 2012’ will be lost to telepresence, ‘losing the travel industry $3.5 billion annually' ( http://tinyurl.com/p6h2k9 ) - the airlines have started to fight back. A recent promotion by BA extols the virtues of face-to-face meetings ( http://tinyurl.com/o3kyuy ), and BA have controversially enrolled London's Mayor - Boris Johnson - as an ambassador for their cause. ( http://tinyurl.com/qz3ett )

But could they be missing a massive opportunity here to take a lead and adopt a radical policy that displays true 'greener thinking'? Why not take a leaf out of Cisco's book ( http://tinyurl.com/adlenb ) & set up a worldwide network of telepresence suites? These could then be hired out to their existing client base of frequent flyer business clients, opening up a new market and taking a step forward towards a more sustainable future.

Would you prefer to travel 'virtually'? Or loose valuable time/energy/money whilst increasing your personal carbon footprint by flying in reality?