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Fuel Cell - Fuel Cell Markets Ltd

10 Feb 2010 09:02:02

Evaluation of a fuel cell bus in service: Fuel cell bus drives 28% further per diesel equivalent gallon. (13.0 kg/100km)

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has recently published a third report on its evaluation of a fuel cell bus in service at CTTRANSIT in Hartford, Connecticut. This report provides an update to the previous reports (October 2008, May 2009) and is focused on results from December 2008 through October 2009. During this 11-month data collection period, CTTRANSIT operated the fuel cell bus over 13,800 miles in service with an overall fuel economy of 4.78 miles per kg (13.0 kg/100km), which equates to 5.4 miles per diesel equivalent gallon. For comparison, CTTRANSIT's diesel buses had an average fuel economy of 3.88 miles per gallon during that same timeframe.

Because this is the final report planned for this specific bus design, we have included a summary of achievements and challenges for the project. CTTRANSIT plans to operate this fuel cell bus as long as possible although the agency’s primary focus will transition to the new fuel cell bus project under the FTA’s National Fuel Cell Bus Program (NFCBP). Under this project, CTTRANSIT will operate up to four new fuel cell buses from Van Hool and UTC Power. NREL will continue to evaluate fuel cell bus operations at this site under funding from FTA as part of the NFCBP.

To download the document, go to: for the evaluation results and for the Appendices.

NREL's Technology Validation team evaluates fuel cell buses for the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Transit Administration. All NREL Technology Validation publications (including other applications such as light-duty FCVs) are also available on the NREL site at:

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