Panic in the streets, don’t breathe on anyone and if someone sneezes run away yelling “unclean”! Wear a mask at all times and believe every report you read on pig flu. All things considered shall we make all Mexicans wear a bell around their neck?

The potential pandemic looming, this is still just still “potential” and experts widely believe that the spread of the virus “could” lead to significant deaths, this does not mean it will. If people remember back to the CJD crisis some inordinately high percentage of the British Population “could” have been infected, to my knowledge the number of confirmed cases to this day are still minute. Although no deaths is preferable and to the people affected by this direct its must be a shocking experience this is not Armageddon, so please stop asking employers if you can have a couple of extra days off after the long weekend as you are worried about the spread to your families.

The situation may well be a long way from a laughing matter and certainly seems to grow with severity everyday however I must insist on more focusing more on the reasons why this is happening. Yes we need to need with the immediate problem although I suggest a major culprit for this virus is high carbon intensive farming methods. We should not vilify the farmers here as they are slaves to demand, our demands and everyone has the power to vote with their feet and wallets. Yes its more expensive to buy good quality free range / organically farmed meats but did people ever consider substituting other things out of their lives such as SKY TV, tobacco or any other number of lifestyle items that simply aren’t necessary? Don’t get me wrong I’m certainly not advocating people turn vegetarian or vegan, which is something I’m against in principle and from a health stand point. I love steak and always will, peri peri chicken is the food of gods! We all know the conditions that a lot of our food is reared in and ignorance is no excuse, if you don’t know go and find out.

Essentially its the basics of the food chain, while we allow our livestock to be reared to substandard conditions, we are eating substandard food. If you put substandard (bio)fuel into a car you get substandard performance. I wonder that after all the dust settles and this matter has drawn to a close (hopefully soon) if any recommendations will be drawn up to treat animals better to reduce profit margins, this a an investigation for government to undertake into the whole food supply chain. Seeing as Labour will be out next election they may as well carry out a few really useful controversial reports. As the majority of us are not poverty stricken and can afford to change our eating habits it might be an idea to do so for the long term good of everyone.