Stand aside An Inconvenient Truth, the big screen crown is about to be supplanted onto the head of a new king, enter

This epic drama documentary has a unique back story. Funded through private contributions from individual who regard climate change as a key topic for education. The project was not carried out with the money from studios so artistic integrity has remained intact throughout. The new four-year epic from “McLibel” director Franny Armstrong with oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite staring as a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055. AS he looks at old footage from 2008 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?
This is a question we regularly ask people, businesses and the governments alike. Usually the answers range from general inaction and apathy to refusal to believe that anything is actually happening. However many people (fast becoming the majority) are opening their eyes to the stark realisation of the facts, hopefully this film will aid in graphically illustrating the dangers of inaction.

The distribution of the film will be through smaller independent cinemas from 15th March rather than the main chains, click here for

Guest speakers are also scheduled to help promote the film at many screenings such as Ken Livingston, with Q&A stalls after the film. You can also join the movement and persuade your local cinemas to have a screening, see the film website for further details. Below is a listing for a local cinema in North West London, grab some friends and get down to your local independent.

Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn:

18:30 SPEAKER: FRANNY the Director and Commedian Jeremy Hardy
Sat 21 Mar 20:55 SPEAKER: Mark Thomas
Sun 22 Mar 17:30 SPEAKER: FRANNY the Director and PETE POSTHLETHWAITE actor
Tue 24 Mar 18:30 - SPEAKER TBA 20:55
Wed 25 Mar 18:30 20:55
Thu 26 Mar 14:30 SPEAKER TBA 18:30 SPEAKER TBA 20:55