"Walking the Plank" - Securing Asia's Infrastructure
Leading names in the Oil & Gas industry are set to meet to discuss the security of APACS Infrastructure and Oil and Gas reserves.

Previously thought to rest in the fictional novels of Sir Barri or Robert Stevenson, Pirates have made resurgence over the past decade in the oil and gas rich coasts of Asia. Owing to such real threats leaders in the Oil and Gas industry will be meeting at the NG O&G APAC summit (hosted by GDS International) to discuss the safety and security to maintain a thriving infrastructure while protecting precious cargo essential to global business.

Expansion in shipping routes from Asia to Europe and the US has just been given the go ahead to try and combat a 39% drop in traffic through 2009. But the security of this depleting commodity stretches far beyond protecting from maritime attack.

“The industry is faced with ever more dangerous extraction methods as the ‘easy oil’ stocks are used. Faced with Labor strikes, political instability and production delays security strategies must be put in place as global business and power needs does not break” David Bannister - Program Director.

A consortium led by Antonio Cailao President & CEO of the Philippine National Oil Corporation will be meeting to discuss the implementation of secure complex Oil and Gas Infrastructure and investments into in the technical, physical and technological disciplines with representatives from over fifty leading organizations from the APAC region such as SANTOS, Petro Energy Resources Corporation and Pakistan Petroleum Limited.

Key discussion points raised will be protecting onshore/offshore infrastructure, New Developments in Offshore Energy Vessels, Meeting the Needs of Deepwater & Ultra Deepwater Drilling & Production, Utilizing Digital Oil Field Information for Asset Improvement and Clean Energy and Sustainability.

With so many solutions available on the market today, these companies are walking a risky plank, choosing between early threat detection security or real time tracking could be the difference between swimming with the sharks or finding Blackbeard’s treasure.

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