An elite gathering of Asia Utility firms speak out on the need to go Green

The Energy industry has become a key talking point globally. Renewable energy solutions are no longer optional but a necessity which must be embraced by all governments.

Driven by China’s determination to reduce their dependence on coal energy and to look ahead to a more sustainable future, the recent NGU APAC summit (hosted by GDS International) took place this week chaired by Colin Tam - CEO of AEI Asia Ltd who spoke out on the emerging government policy and environmental protection requirements in countries such as China and India.

Renewable energy solutions have attracted $37.3 billion of investment into the Asia and Pacific region in the last 12 months, surpassing even the Americas. So visionaries such as William Tianming Li, VP - Asia Power, Chang Yeol Lee, Head of Distribution– KEPCO, Myung-Key Lee, Manager General, - Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, Ario Senoaji, VP Alternative/Renewable Energy - PLN and Ashok Sethy, VP – TaTa Power, agreed to attend this week in Sentosa to discuss unified measures to ensure renewable energy solutions for the region.

“Sharing data, Information and experience in our respective countries in developments such as wind power, solar, hydro, biomass and nuclear power is of the highest priority. We must also look at the competiveness of emerging technologies, the drivers for such transformation and finally achieving the probability of success.” Colin Tam, CEO of AEI Asia Ltd “we will be exploring the feasibility and probability of this hypothesis based on the current utility industry trend, emerging government policy, and evolving environment protection requirements”

Asia-Pacific’s intentions to be world leaders in renewable energy have been significantly strengthened by the NGU Summit.