The latest in the highly anticipated NG O&G summit has just taken place in New Orleans. Today, energy is at a crossroads. While the energy crisis has made its mark in the media the industry met to discuss the impacts on the sector. It is of utmost importance for the industry to pull together securing the future of all involved in America.

With the weak dollar affecting Oil prices and a demand for action within the industry the discussions quickly turned to the pulling together and working towards a viable energy policy, acceptable for both the industry and government. Production, distribution, and consumption were all key and discussed in detail by lead speaker Karl Rove

“Huge pressures are being faced with the need to go green and find a sustainable future. With the Oil and Gas industry still a major factor within the world’s energy supplies it is of imperative to maintain viable energy solutions into the future.”

Impresarios such as Jay Smith, GM Engineering and Construction Shell, Arif Mustafa, CIO Natural Gas North America, BP, George Alcorn, President of Alcorn Exploration, Former Chairman of IPAA were among the attendees

The Summit also saw the appearance of Neil Bush, CEO of Nexus Energy, Brother of former President George W Bush who has recently represented the Sinopec group and has played a key part in the industry.

Sponsoring the event and playing a vital role was John Gibson, Executive Chairman of Paradigm
Mark Cordell, President, Distributed and Process Valve Divisions Cameron, Robert Welch, President Energy and Natural Resources, CSC.

As the Industry unites what steps will be taken by the government to insure a sustainable future and protect Americas energy security, this will be discussed at the next NG O&G