GDS International is officially going green as it looks to neutralize the carbon footprint of its websites
Global Media giants GDS International are famed for catering to the needs of the world’s fortune 500 companies, running leading publications and news websites for the world’s biggest Jet setters. But with the economy still recovering and the cost of fuel rising Chairman Spencer Green wants to do more to reflect his readers changing attitudes and Go Green.
Every website in the world requires electricity (generated from the burning of Fossil-Fuels) to power hosting servers, the networks that connects it to the rest of the globe and the computers that we view it from. Therefore, every impression has a carbon footprint that contributes to climate-change.
Next Generation Power & Energy was suitably the first website that has undergone the various changes to make it Carbon neutral, but by the end of the year his entire catalogue of over 100 leading sites.
Studies show that the information and communications technology industry contributes two percent of the world's carbon emissions - that's greater than that of the entire aviation industry. More worryingly, this figure is expected to grow significantly over the next decade.”

“With the help of CO2Stats, our green websites will neutralize carbon footprint with audited renewable energy. CO2Stats' green site certification allows us to make our sites more environmentally friendly using software that can make websites more energy efficient and carbon neutral.” Says Sean McColgan – Digital Strategist for GDS International

CO2Stats monitors a site's energy usage; gives tips on how to make websites more energy-efficient (and load faster); and then purchases the appropriate amount of audited renewable energy from wind and solar farms. CO2Stats can also tell what class of computer a visitor is using, how long they stay, and even what types of fossil fuels are being burned in order to power that computer. Likewise, it can even calculate the amount of energy being used to power the networks that are connecting a visitors' computer with your servers.
With this data, CO2Stats can calculate the combined carbon emissions of the servers, networks, and visitors' computers that supported your website. You can see our "Green Certified Site" badge in the footer of the NG Power & Energy websites.
GDS International’s Green push continues with its launch of a new Next Generation Africa site - The new site will keep you up-to-date and well informed on all the developments in Africa's power and energy industry; such as Morocco launching a giant new solar project and the debate over South Africa's commitment to the fight against climate change.

All of this comes just in time for the Next Generation Oil & Gas Africa Summit on 19th - 21st January 2010, where the industry's top senior level executives get the chance to engage in clear and focused dialogue with their peers and examine their management objectives in a relaxed and vibrant environment.