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Duncan - The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

01 Dec 2008 02:12:54

How Much Does That Cost to Run?

At Homecamp, a figure was thrown out that if something consumes 1W continuously, it will cost a pound a year to run.

1 watt * 1 hour = 1 watthour
1 watthour * 24 Hours = 24 watthours
24 watthours * 365 Days = 8760 watthours = 8.76 kilowatthours
1 kilowatthour = 8.304p ()
8.76kwh * 8.304p = 72.74p

i.e. Running 1 watt for 1 year = cost of 72.74p.

Hope that helps?

Discussion Thread  

dalelane wrote:

01 Dec 2008

the link http://www.tescoenergy.com/tesco/U%E2%80%8BtilityResources/expert.html doesn't seem to work for me

but the price for 1kWH seems cheaper then I've heard quoted before... I thought it was more like 11p?

Duncan wrote:

01 Dec 2008

Hi Dale,

Strange, it's working for me:

- looks like the URL picked up some escape chars above.

The price looks current according to that forum (Nov '08 for domestic users).

This page looks more in-line with your figures:

The Energy Helpline () person I've just spoken to said that it varies tremendously based on location:

For Brighton, British Gas, Click Energy v.6 - 19.164p for 1st 125kwh/q and 8.783p thereafter.

For near Heathrow, npower = 9.450 per kwh, with a standing charge of 15.82p per day.

Interestingly, I couldn't find a very good guide for this online, does anyone know of one?

Duncan wrote:

01 Dec 2008

So, after some interesting correspondence and bouncing ideas around, the consensus is that the most useful way to think about cost is - or £1000 per kilowatthour over a year. There are some serious savings to be had out there people!

Here's an interesting page looking at some real-world power consumption data:

Discussion Thread  


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