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Duncan - The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

28 May 2009 02:05:19

Five Reasons to Restore Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in FY 2010 Budget

Below are Five of the reason publically put forward for why Barack Obama should keep Hydrogen and fuel cell funding on the table. Some of the later reasons are applicable to governments across the world.
1. Keeps America competitive
• Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are a core competency in the United States
• A DOE study estimates a net increase of 361,000 to 675,000 jobs1
• Other countries are investing and setting aggressive commercialization goals; the US
needs to keep pace, to compete in a global market.
2. The march to the commercial market has already started
• Billions of dollars of industry and government investments are bearing fruit
• A national industrial hydrogen infrastructure exists, and vehicle fueling stations are
operating in 24 states
• Automakers have already started placing fuel cell vehicles with customers
• Fuel cell products are entering other early markets, with federal support
• Transit agencies have fuel cell buses in regular passenger service
• Industry remains committed even in difficult economic times
3. Only with fuel cells can we meet our national greenhouse gas reduction targets
• Serious commitment to low carbon future (80% CO2 reduction by 20502) depends on
near-zero emission technologies
• FCVs reduce GHGs by 50% or more compared to gasoline vehicles, even when
hydrogen fuel is made from natural gas3
• A National Research Council study4 found that we can nearly eliminate gasoline use in
the light-duty vehicle fleet, if fuel cell vehicles are a major part of the vehicle fleet
• Other technologies will contribute, but the deepest cuts in oil use and GHGs would
come from fuel cell vehicles5
4. Fuel cells are a smart choice in a portfolio of solutions
• FCVs are full-function, long-range, zero-emission vehicles that are refueled in minutes
with a low-carbon fuel. No other option provides all these benefits
• We must be investing today to build the FCV fleet for long-term energy and
environmental security
• Supporting market entry for fuel cells of all kinds advances U.S. energy efficiency, job
creation and technology development at a fraction of the per unit cost of research
5. It’s smart to continue a proven program
• Biofuels, BEVs, PHEVs and FCVs all need technology development and infrastructure
deployment. It’s impossible to say that one is closer to commercialization than another
• The hydrogen program is a success by DOE’s own assessment of progress to goals
• Abandoning the program is a waste of the investment made to date

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