I was up in the Warwickshire seeing family at the weekend, and following on from the great Ceps success of two weekends ago, I was keen to get back out into the woods and harvest some more.

Disappointingly, we only found one tiny Ceps, but this was well mitigated by the carpet of Amethyst Deceivers (L. Amethystina) covering the ground. They're a really striking violet colour, including the gills and quite distinctive. I'll leave the biological descriptions to the experts, but after a careful study of our mushroom field guide, I was prepared to take the chance on them.

We collected a few kilos really quickly and I've since eaten them in quantity with no ill effects. I made a big risotto with them last night and as well as being tasty, the purple mushrooms are really something to look at.

Food for free: the tastiest there is!