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Duncan - The Low Carbon Economy Ltd

08 Dec 2008 09:12:53

The 10 big energy myths

There has never been a more important time There has never been a more important time

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23 Feb 2009

Myths about Energy procurement

Whatever the reality is of the things alluded-to by the Guardian article, the one Vital Statistic which is never to be found in any of it is this:
Does the system under consideration provide the "Power" - that we continually hear-of - for a sufficient number of hours/months/years to provide enough energy to replace - or build a second one of these so-called "renewable" systems. If not, we are simply fooling not only ourselves but other who may not have asked this question.
I gather from a public meeting in Llandeilo uk in July '05, that the cost of the proposed "windfarm" was to be 153M pounds, and that it was expected to return about 0.15 ? % - zero point one five % - of that each year that it was functioning.
This is in no way writing-off the possibility of making an economic - and thereby environmental - benefit from the Wind, since I, and possibly a few others - happen to know the 2 main reasons for the extreme lack of result obtained by the current "technology".
Reason 1,
Is that any wind Turbine-Alternator Device - since it comprises these two parts which have opposite "economy of size" - has an economy of size which is - in fact - necklace shaped I.e. Catenery.
The cost of facing any given area of wind is this necklace-shaped function of Size, or Diameter.
Furrther, to this the size-region where the cost is lowest ocurrs at around 0.5 to 1 metre diameter !!!
Here the cost of the T is about the same as the A.
Reason 2
Current "technology" runs at the same speed regardless of the wind speed. This wastes air at the high-wind end of busines.
With these two factors recognized and the design otherwise actually making physical sense, I find that a reeturn of some 5% is readily available, and much more in particularly good sights.
Very sadly - for us all - no-one so far has been interested in these boring facts, which according to one :might work on engineers, but you can't fool me - ("I'm an art-college failure ?)

Yours sincerely
G. Gilbert Vaughan Nikiup, Bulgaria

Discussion Thread  


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