It appears that the Taiwanese have built in an entirely solar powered 40,000 seat stadium for the 2009 World games.

The Dragon arena stadium has 8,844 solar panels on the stadium roof generating 1.14 million kWh of electricity per year, thus reducing 660 tons of annual carbon dioxide output. This is incidentally all the power needed to illuminate the arena and it two huge TV screens. I would however like to know how they are storing the energy!! In addition, all the raw materials used in the main stadium are 100% reusable and . Not only does the solar panel system provide electricity during the games, but the surplus energy can also be sold during the non-game period.

I am curious. The London 2012 Olympic games.
What renewable energy will they be using and who is supplying it?
Having had a look through the 2012 web site they are very commendably looking to be as resource efficient as possible. However they do not seem to have said particularly publically what they are going to do to supply renewable energy. They have said that no waste during the games will be sent to landfill, so i would imagine that at some point we will have a waste to energy plant proposed. The 2012 web site also said that they will build a single wind turbine. Call me a pessimist but this strikes me as a token gesture. EDF Energy, BT, BP and Nortel are “Sustainability partners”, so if we are to look towards this group then BP and EDF are Energy providers. EDF however is the official energy utilities partner and sustainability partner of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
I look forward to hearing their proposals.
Does anyone have more of an insight? Please share it.

Taiwanese 2009 World Games:
London 2012 Sustainability plan: