I'm trying to put together a list of good low carbon policies and practice from around the world.

I'm looking for examples of where good vision, leadership and practical solutions have reduced carbon emissions and improved sustainability.

The examples can be from local, national or regional government, or even from a non-government organisation such as a community initiative or project. It doesn't matter whether it is a formal policy, a working project or a trial in progress, as long as the policy can demonstrate carbon reduction and could be expanded or applied in wider situations. It could be to do with waste, recycling, resources, transport, energy or power generation - or simply education and outreach.

Please reply to this discussion if you think you know of something.

My opening gambit (although I haven't seen any stats on carbon reduction) is the pfand system in Germany, whereby food containers (particularly bottles for beer and wine) have a value in addition to the beer you buy. So, when you buy a crate of beer, you pay extra for the bottles, but when you take them back you are refunded this money, often through an automated in-store 'reverse vending' machine that issues you with a credit note to be redeemed against your next purchase.

The bottles can then easily be sorted, collected, cleaned and refilled to be used again. In the UK, we've barely got going with recycling: reusing would save even more energy!