Is Exxon really becoming aware of the issues, what should we expect from them?
My view is that right now we need oil and gas. In that if we turned it all off, the world would rapidly descend into chaos. The trick is to use fossil fuels as efficiently as possible, and in my humble view, strive to develop a world powered from renewable and sustainable sources in as short a time period as possible. Should we do this for energy security matters, the need for which was nicely demonstrated by the issues across Europe in early 2009 when Russia and the Ukraine bickered over outstanding bills and stolen gas! Or should we do it for environmental issues? This argument i shall let the world continue to debate!

But i am curious to know what Exxon is up to! They appear to have stopped funding 9 of their groups that deny anthropogenic (human-made) climate change. Green Peace claim ExxonMobil’s total contributions to climate change skeptic groups totaled approximately $23 million from 1998-2007. Five of the nine groups which were named – Capital Research Center, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, Frontiers of Freedom Institute, the George C Marshall Institute and the Institute for Energy Research – totaled $400,000 of the nearly $2 million granted by ExxonMobil in 2007

Exxon also claim to have spent more than $2 billion over the past five years to increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These programs seem to orientate around increasing the efficiency of their oil and gas facilities, which i would consider as normal business practice rather than a real drive for sustainability. I was also not surprised to see that these initiatives include CCS programs, as they can increase production from Gas wells with diminishing supplies.
Does anyone know of any real Exxon investments into sustainable or renewable ventures?

Rex Tillerson the new Exxon Chairman does seem to be trying to change the image of the company, i just hope that in their drive to effectively communicate the beneficial changes they are making, they don’t forget to actively change. They could with their connections and abilities actually change the company to provide the power of tomorrow as well as the fuels of history, but then expecting this sought of paradigm shift could be a little over optimistic.

Interesting reference point:
"ExxonSecrets is a Greenpeace research project highlighting the more than a decade-long campaign by Exxon-funded front groups - and the scientists they work with - to deny the urgency of the scientific consensus on global warming and delay action to fix the problem". - A quote from GreenPeace

Exxon Mobil: environmental chapter