There may have been some confusion over the demise of the Carbon Trust, it stems from a report issued at the end of June from a body called the Green Investment Bank Commission. This Commission was set up in February by the previous Labour Government to examine the implementation of a Green Investment Bank. The new Government have accepted the concept. In the report the recommendations included that all current Government funded schemes should be absorbed into this bank including the Carbon Trust. The Carbon Trust awaits the Governments response and decision.

I'm curious to know what is the industries opinion is on the Carbon Trust! Please do share them here.

I have heard some say that they are an expensive government funded entity that is stifling the growth of private enterprises in the low carbon advisory, consultancy space.
Others have said that with an advertising spend greater than any other 'competitor' in this space, they managed to bring carbon emissions to the attention of the business community, but more importantly they brought an awareness that there are business opportunities and cost savings to be had from lowering a business emissions. (becoming more efficient).